EMU™: Energy Monitoring Unit


EMU™: Energy Monitoring Unit

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  • Graphical Display
  • Simple 2-button User Interface
  • Battery Operated - 2 year life on AA batteries!
  • Tabletop or Magnet mount to a fridge
  • ZigBee Smart Energy 1.0 Certified


  • Current Usage (kW, $)
  • Historical Usage (kWh, $)
  • Price ($/kWh)
  • Text Messages
  • Time
  • others...

What Sets EMU™ Apart from other IHDs?

  • Fast Display with instant updates
  • No learning curve or setup required - put the batteries in and start saving!
  • Lowest Cost ZigBee Certified In-Home Display available
  • Battery Powered - no vampire loads!

Compatibility: The EMU™ interoperates with meters that are ZigBee Smart Energy 1.x certified.

To use the EMU™ you must have a functioning ZigBee smart meter installed that has been activated by your utility.

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